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  • Jodie Larson

Teaser and an excerpt!

We are five weeks away from Her Royal Fling's release. And since it's Teaser Tuesday, I have a good one for you!

Luke takes a few steps, closing the space between us. "Even still, I'm glad you decided to join us. We don't typically do things like this, either. We know about the dangers of being a woman in today's world. I promise you, nothing will happen that you don't want as long as I'm around."

Wow. Is he straight out of a romance novel or a Hallmark movie? I look up into his blue eyes, sparkling in the moonlight—so much sincerity in their depths. I believe every word he says.

Maybe it's the scenery or the steady flow of alcohol through my system the last two days, but something tells me to push forward, see what will come of this chance meeting. Still looking into his eyes, I reach up on my tiptoes and press my lips to his. He takes a surprised gasp but doesn't pull away. Instead, he places his hands on my waist, steadying me to deepen the kiss. I oblige, wrapping my arms around his neck, bringing our chests together until I can feel his heart thundering against mine. He tastes of whiskey and beer as his tongue tentatively sweeps through my mouth. I sigh and open for him, my head swimming with possibilities. If we were alone, I'd find a cave to hide in so we can explore each other's bodies. Or insist we move this party indoors.

With a deft roll of his hips, he wordlessly tells me his thoughts match my own. As I've learned, he's a man of few words but speaks volumes in actions.

Voices and laughter grow louder, infiltrating the moment, forcing us to pull away. Our time alone cut short as the three return from the woods. I stare into his darkened eyes, dilated with heat and passion. This kiss wasn't something I planned or expected, but damn if it doesn't hold the promise of more. The bulge in his jeans agrees.

I lick my lips and take a step back. "If we were alone..."

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