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I Don't Regret You Cover Reveal Sign-up

Attention Bloggers!

Are you as excited as I am for the cover reveal for I Don't Regret You on July 21st?

Well, good you can sign up and be one of the first to see it! And it's going to be Ah-Maze-Ing!!!

Have I sparked your interest yet? Well, let me dangle a blurb to help convince you that you need this book.


We all have them.

Like the Aqua Net hairstyles back in the 80's, the 90's grunge fad, or the person you lost your virginity to as a teen because you were "totally in love".

I have a few of my own. Specifically, marrying my rebound guy but staying married because I was too weak to fight for my own happiness.

He took me down and kept me there for far too long.

I'm done. Done living with regrets and done not pursuing what makes me happy.

Then you came along and showed me that I was worth more than who I had become.

You are not my regret.

If you'd love to help me spread the word, fill out this doc:


I also have a Goodreads link ---->

The summer is flying by way too fast. It's going to be July next week (what?!) and that means it'll be August before we know it.

Okay, maybe not quite as fast as I'm thinking, but it's only because I'm excited for this August 14th release!

So, if you're a blogger or fellow author, please consider filling out the form and help spread the love for my newest release. I'll love you forever and a day.

I'll love you forever either way.



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