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I Don't Regret You is live!

It's release day!!!!

That's right, Henry and Jocelyn are out in the wild and hitting Kindles around the world. This book was hard to write at times, but I enjoyed every moment of the journey. It's a little more emotional than some of my others. Gotta keep you on your toes and all!

If you love hot, single dads who know their way around the kitchen, let me introduce you to Henry Monroe. One reader has pegged him the "ultimate book boyfriend." I won't argue with that title! Henry is very swoony and knows exactly what Jocelyn needs. (Not that way...well, yeah, that way too, but I was thinking more of emotional needs.)

This is a story of self-discovery, of finding who you are after you've been pushed down for far too long. Change is never easy, especially when you're trying to navigate new waters with two kids in tow.

But then Henry shows up and helps Jocelyn in more ways than one.

Thank you to everyone who helped me getting this book out into the world. I love these characters so much and hope everyone else does too!

And, added bonus, it's available to read for free in KU! Grab your copy today!

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